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Galerias Opalos De Magdalena

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1.08 Carats. Faceted Fire Mexican Opal



Extended Description

Faceted Fire Mexican Opal 1.08 Carats.
Item Type: SOLID NATURAL Cut faceted opal
This is a stunning faceted opal from Magdalena Jalisco.
Origin: MEXICO
Opal Size: 9 x 4 mm. APPROX
Treated/Untreated: Untreated.




Opal Carries Moon and Sun Energies

Opals are formed from balls of silica.

This silica has different levels  of depth and density and holds water as well. That is where the  "rainbow" colors come from. The opal is used for helping one that  doesn't want to appear in the front or allows you to "fade into the  background." Or to be less noticed.

A stone of happy dreams and good  changes. The opal can be used to help one open their "mystical" side. 

Gives you understanding of the Higher Powers. This stone carries both  the sun and moon's energy. It is basically a moon's stone or female  energy but has its flash of male energy in the iridescent colors and  carries the sun's energy.

These flashes encourage intuition and insight.  These flashes also represent an "inner fire" that gently stimulates you  towards the Spiritual realms.

 Can be used during astral travel but is  NOT a powerful stone for astral travel, the energies are mor subtle.